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On Demand Webinar

Developing an Effective Observability Strategy for your Kubernetes and Service Mesh Environments

Kubernetes has emerged as the de-facto standard for orchestrating containerized applications. While it abstracts away many complexities, it also introduces new operational and monitoring challenges. In fact, the latest CNCF survey cites monitoring as one of the biggest challenges in Kubernetes adoption.

In this webinar, Arijit Mukherji and Maxime Petazzoni walk through the changes in requirements for monitoring Kubernetes and service mesh environments, typical challenges that enterprises face on their journey to cloud-native and how to navigate around those challenges leveraging CNCF projects such as Prometheus, OpenTracing, and Envoy.

You will also see a demo showing the best practices in monitoring Kubernetes environments using metrics, events, and traces.


Arijit Mukherji

Arijit is CTO at SignalFx. As the first employee of the company, Arijit has spent years designing, developing, and managing many aspects of the product.

Maxime Pettazzoni

Maxime has been a software engineer for over 15 years. At SignalFx, Max is the architect behind our Microservices APM offering. 

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