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Cory's Guide to Understanding Observability

The shift to cloud and microservices has helped organizations innovate and get to market faster, but it has also introduced operational complexity and increasingly ephemeral environments with unpredictable behavior. Traditional monitoring methods and tools are no longer adequate. A new approach is needed: Observability. Observability goes beyond monitoring to explain system behavior over time for deeper operational insights

Cory Watson has been immersed in the practice of Observability for nearly a decade from one of the first hires to Twitter’s embedded SRE program to the Observability team lead at Stripe. Now a Technical Evangelist at Splunk, Cory has written an insightful eBook that shares his successes and failures in creating and managing Observability teams.

In this eBook, you’ll get a better understanding of Observability—why it’s important, what to expect, and how to get started.

This eBook covers:

  • What Observability is and isn't
  • The difference between Monitoring and Observability
  • Why Observability is critical in the cloud-native era
  • How you can get started with Observability  

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